The Tragedy of Life

The Tragedy of Life


I want to be an astronaut,

being up there, no more doubt.

See the world from outer space

and understand it, at one gaze.

Which struggles are in vain,

which believes are insane.

What mankind needs eternity to learn,

I would know with deep concern.

But I’m only 5 feet tall,

for an astronaut too small.


I want to be a politician

Be in a very high division,

Help to stop the climate change,

And tell people to engage.

Pled humanity and be heard,

War is combated by the word.

But this is an ideal,

And if we are for real,

To fix this broken world we need,

More than one strong leader indeed.


I want to be a poet,

a person full of knowledge.

Literature is all I need,

to plant this valuable seed.

I’d strike you with my eloquence,

far away from all the trends.

But what will I say, if all that matters,

has been said in other letters.

There is nothing new to tell,

And my books, they wouldn’t sell.


Even if I successfully tried,

that is the tragedy of life,

although there might be big ideas,

so big, they grow greater than the fears,

even then I must admit,

that lifetime has its limit.

Like an eventually falling skittle,

We are so much and yet so little.


Still there is something I want to say

and that should guide you on your way,

At least, if I really want it, I have no doubt,

I can be a little of it all, except maybe the astronaut.



Bild: Lea Müller